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How To Hard UnBricked LG G3 (All Variants)

After Read This Tutorial You Will Able To Fix These Situations.NO BOOT , NO RECOVERY , NO DOWNLOAD MODE

1 : Shows     "LGE AndroidNet USB port"               "LGE AndroidNet USB Modem"

2 : Only Shows "Qualcomm 9008"
Now Start FixingIf You Are On Situation "1" You To Need To Change "LGE AndroidNet USB port" To "Qualcomm 9008"
1- open the phone
2- On MotherBoard Remove The Cover Of "eMMC"

3- short cut the pins in the photo you provided "without the battery" After Connect The "USB Data Cable"

After This Your Phone Show"Qualcomm 9008"
Reassemble Your Phone
And Connect With PC With Out Battary

Now Fixing "