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Android lollipop (5.0.2) For Sky vega iron a870

1. Information about the project: - The device is developed: Pantech Vega IM-A870 Iron  - Development Platform: Lollipop AOSP 5.0.2 -  Fundamentals: Pantech original kernel - Android 4.4.2 kitkat  - Group development: Tekcafe Team -  Progress of the project: 90% The ROM was developed and tested is not supported as much as 12 CyanogenMod ROM version of Tekcafe Team. But still to be updated.

2. Installation instructions:
Download Rom from here.
Download Recovery from here.
Use Mini and Micro Gapps from Xda.
 Only sky a870    Note, after flash ROM, reboot and the system did not catch that wave, then reboot again. If the reboot is complete, the flash is not airing soon this patch here